Reasons Why Millennials are Struggling and Failing at Work


Millennials  are believed to be ndividuals that are selfish and self-absorbed who believe that happiness is achieved through external success. They are said to be prone to failure because of their idealism and ambitions. But millennials aren't all just about that. They just don't stop searching and seeking for greater heights, they constantly aspire to realize their dreams which is why they keep moving until they set themselves up for failure.

But what really are the reasons why millennials struggle and how can they break the cycle?

Millennials are not able to separate work from personal time

This is a very common mistake of the millennials as they normally fail to set boundaries between work and their personal lives. Even if they spend just the minimum number of hours required in the office, they still spend some time checking and replying to emails even when they're away from work.

Expectation when it comes to decision-making

Many millennials nowadays have been used to being a part of a collective decision making despite having a boss around to set the rules and being the top chain of command. Millennials are expecting a more open line of communication where they can participate when it comes to making decisions and impart their opinion and perspective about many things. Although many companies now practice this, there are still large corporations who struggle with this creating a gap for millennial employees.

Millennials work on things they are passionate about

It's not enough for millennials to just do what they're assigned to do. They seek for more challenges and look for things that interests them. They are passionate when it comes to doing the things they love especially when they aim to step up the ladder. They don't get contented with the assignments they're given especially when they know they can do so much more.

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