Petition To Ban Christmas By University of Virginia Students Is Out


It is the season to be jolly. But Christmas may be halted for one college campus as students are rallying signatures for a petition to ban Christmas.

Conservative activists Cabot Phillips and Amber Athey are described to be the hipsters who stole Christmas. They are part of The Leadership Institute's Campus Reform project at the University of Virginia. They are paid activists who are going around college campus filming and mocking college students.

Using a hidden camera, Athey and Phillips pose as members of the left college groups. They created a fictional student group and called themselves "Students for an Inclusive Holiday Season." The pair stood on the campus side walk and asked every student that passes by to sign the petition. The two described the holiday to have cultured an event that is "triggering" and "oppressive" in nature.

Athey explained that she personally knows a lot of students who are not that religious. For these students, when they see Christmas Trees and lights, it can become a bit "triggering." Athey just wants to make a safe campus space for those who are not included in the holiday.

The petition reads that Christmas should be banned on the university grounds. It also calls for the school to be considerate to those students who do not celebrate Christmas. Hence, the inclusiveness, as reported by Rare.

In their effort, the pair claimed to have almost twenty signatures in just two hours. These two were so enthusiastic in getting everyone to sign the petition, as reported by The Blaze. But this is reportedly a fake petition in an attempt to poke some fun into the holiday season. According to reports, the undercover reporters were telling students to shove the holiday happiness elsewhere. While some University of Virginia students said their good lucks to the group, a handful were happy to sign.

Check out the Campus Reform video below to find out more!

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