Columbia College’s Liberal Arts Women Face Challenges


Colleges and universities are facing daily challenges. Columbia College is no exception. When it comes to the women's college, the school is looking at financial concerns. Plus, the college is also looking at reducing the majors and eliminating employees if there is not enough female students looking to enroll.

Columbia College co-ed Provost Dr. Carol Moore says that they are having a difficult time trying to keep the college open and attractive to potential individuals. To charm more students into joining, women's colleges often cut their tuition fees.

Columbia College followed Spartanburg's Converse College when it cut its tuition fees by at least 40 percent, as reported by College Calc.

Women's colleges were founded to educate women before they are included in larger schools, as reported by The State. But these women's colleges are now going out of business. Columbia College may be following the same footsteps. If it does not resolve, it may close its doors like Tift College did in 1987.

But even though it looks like it is going into a similar direction, Columbia College is more than that, explains Dr. Carol Moore. Women's colleges are under pressure globally but Columbia is still standing strong. Dr. Moore claims that women's college graduates are more successful compared to politicians and CEOs in any field.

However, Columbia College is still going to close down certain majors and cut employees.

Amidst only having 650 students in its women's college from 800 in previous years, the Columbia College provost says they still have a role to play. Schools, colleges and universities are always faced with financial difficulties. But the executive director of the Center for Innovation in Higher Education at the University of South Carolina, Lemuel Watson, says that it is about finding the right balance between academics and financial viability. In order to succeed, Columbia College must have something special to offer.

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