Christmas Banned In Certain Schools After Parents Complaining


Christmas is a holiday a lot of people are looking forward to. However, a certain school in Pennsylvania is not going to celebrate Christmas.

Most elementary schools and even high schools celebrate Christmas every year by producing a play or a musicale. But one principal recently announced that they have canceled their production of "A Christmas Carol" because of parents complaining.

Centerviille Elementary School is not going to showcase its annual Christmas musical cheer, as reported by Breitbart. The school officials explained that the production took too much time from the students' classroom instructions. However, other parents believed that it was because two parents complained about a particular line in the Holiday play, as reported by Fox News.

According to reports, some parents are not happy with a certain religious line. But this has not been fully confirmed. Tom Kramer, the school's principal, explained that they want to respect cultural and religious backgrounds. Shannon Zimmerman, the district's spokeswoman, stresses that the Christmas Carol is not part of their curriculum and they want to preserve the time for classroom instructions instead.

The report indicated that the play's practices, in total, took up to 20 hours of classroom time. District officials say parents are encouraged to organize their own after-school play instead.

In another part of the globe, Germany is criticizing Turkey for banning Christmas at a German School. The Turkish school administrators at the Instanbul Lisesi, a German High School, explained that Christmas Carols and other traditions are no longer going to be part of the school's curriculum.

To reflect this change, the school's choir had canceled its musical appearance at the German Consulate's Christmas Concert in Istanbul. Germany's Foreign Office is hoping to talk to the school about lifting the ban, as reported by 10 News. The school did not provide a reason as to why they are excluding the Christmas Tradition in the curriculum.

However, according to the publication, the school has denied imposing such ban. Check out the video below for some related news!

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