Christmas Trees Need TLC, Says Dalhousie University Expert


The process of putting up a Christmas tree in most Western countries start by picking a favorite tree. Often times, the trees are already cut. Some are grown and are still firmly planted, waiting for parents and children to choose them as their center piece in the living room.

But a Christmas tree needs tender, loving, care, says Raj Lada. Lada is a Dalhousie University tree expert. He stresses that the trees are still alive even after they are cut and should not be treated as dead wood.

Raj Kad is, a researcher at the Christmas Tree Research Centre in Bible Hill, N.S. The institution primarily focuses on balsam fir Christmas trees, as reported by Dalhousie University. The goal of the center is to develop and optimize innovative Balsam Fir Christmas tree germplasms, needle abscission control, cold acclimation and much more.

From the time they are cut, the Dalhousie University tree expert explains that care during harvesting and transporting trees are very important, as reported by CBC News. Lada discussed that Christmas tree care is essential. He uses the balsam fir Christmas tree as an example. He claims that the tree requires the same level of care as a potted flower plant, like a rose bush.

Lada points out that losing the needles are considered as a threat to the industry. After being harvested, needles often drop off or dry up.

Lada shares his tips in caring for Christmas trees:

1. Make a forever Christmas tree by choosing a "live tree" in a pot.

2. Keep the tree alive by not putting them next to heaters.

3. Families must ensure that trees are placed in areas where the sunlight can reach them.

4. It is important to wipe off stumps and give tree stems a fresh cut to get the water flowing.

5. Lada recommends LED lights or lights in the red and white spectrums as Christmas decorations to keep the needles longer.

Want more Christmas tree tips? Check out the video below!

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