‘Final Fantasy XV’ Important Tips, Tricks To Know Before Playing [VIDEO]


"Final Fantasy XV" has become one of the best video games to play for this year and maybe in a few more years to come. While some fans have already mastered the tricks and features the game has to offer, there are still some of them that have not played it yet. Here are the important tips and tricks to know before playing the game.

"Final Fantasy XV" tutorial should be played

While some players would think that tutorials is just an annoyance to do, "Final Fantasy XV's" tutorial actually does help them to familiarize the game's mechanics. According to CNet, it is recommended that they should finish the combat tutorial and a review on the lore of Eos, so that they could be more convenient for them to play in the main game.

"Final Fantasy XV" hunting missions give big rewards

In "Final Fantasy XV," the hunting missions feature is one of the best parts of the video game. It gives big rewards to the players like experience, Gil, and items and it upgrades their ranks as a hunter. This will also give them a challenge as the rank of the hunting mission goes up.

"Final Fantasy XV" preparations before big battles

Like in any other "Final Fantasy" game, players should stock a lot of restorative items in "Final Fantasy XV" before a big battle. While there are battles that they should only worry about losing health points, there are also other opponents that will have status attacks that could endanger the entire party. Stock up on a lot of potions, phoenix downs, antidotes, and other status-curing items.

"Final Fantasy XV" meals can give buffs

In "Final Fantasy XV," eating meals before the party goes to sleep will get them status buffs that can definitely boost their stats. Some meals give additional attack power, another on defense, and others a combination of all buffs. It also pays to level up Ignis' cooking skills to gain more recipes.

"Final Fantasy XV" money tip

According to Venture Beat, gaining money in "Final Fantasy XV" is no easy task, but it is easy to gain a lot of items that players do not need to use. Check the inventor's treasures category and sell all of those items. It will net players a lot of Gil for them to purchase helpful items like potions, better weapons, and accessories.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XV" Beginner's Guide video below:

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