‘Final Fantasy XV’ Mystery Disc Created To Celebrate Launch; Art Director Leaves Square Enix [VIDEO]


"Final Fantasy XV" Mystery Disc was created to celebrate the popular video game's launch. The game's art director leaves Square Enix.

"Final Fantasy XV" Mystery Disc

According to the official Japanese website of "Final Fantasy XV," Square Enix has showcased the Mystery Disc during the Eve Launch Community Party video, which can be viewed below. It is a playful internal demo created to celebrate the launch of the video game for the whole world.

"Final Fantasy XV" Mystery Disc details

The "Final Fantasy XV" Mystery Disc showcased Noctis exploring a fair ground, and looking at different features in it. The video showcased several crazy features like the giant young Prompto and the game company's own president Yosuke Matsuda. He appears as a final boss with tons of fighting abilities, which he joked that he was not worth 500 Yen as a future DLC.

"Final Fantasy XV" Mystery Disc pays homage to fans and celebration preparations

The "Final Fantasy XV" Mystery Disc paid homage to the fans that have followed the video game and the team throughout the years. They showcased a lot of pieces of art in the video, which were submitted by the fans. It also showcased Noctis and his party preparing for the launch celebration.

"Final Fantasy XV" art director leaves

Recently, "Final Fantasy XV" art director Yusuke Naora tweeted that he has resigned from his post at Square Enix after 24 years. He said that he will continue to work on illustrations and design for the game franchise "Final Fantasy," but he might become a freelancer. He also said that he already saw the ending of the video game and it has become the greatest ending for him.

"Final Fantasy XV" gets energizing elixir

In other "Final Fantasy XV" related news, the United States will get their first-ever "Final Fantasy" themed soft drink. According to the official website of Square Enix, they will collaborate with Jones Soda Co. and team up with Target stores. They will offer these drinks to those who will purchase the game at these stores as a freebie.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XV" Eve Community Launch Party video below:

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