‘Final Fantasy XV’ Opening CGI Scene In Japanese Game Demo Reveals Top-Notch Content [VIDEO]


The opening CGI scene of "Final Fantasy XV" in the Japanese game demo has revealed the top-notch quality of the content of the video game. The Judgement Disk game demo will only be available in Japan.

"Final Fantasy XV" opening CGI sequence looks absolutely fantastic

Writer Giuseppe Nelva wrote on DualShockers that his experience of playing the "Final Fantasy XV" Judgement Disk game demo was absolutely fantastic. When he watched the opening cutscene of the video game, it showed the top-notch quality of the CGI and the hard work that Square-Enix did to pull this off.

"Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive" watchers will feel emotional

Nelva would not describe what he saw in the opening CGI scene because it is considered a mild spoiler. He did say that Visual Works has managed to make one of the most top-notch CGI sequences they have ever made. He also said that for those who have seen "Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive" then it will certainly make them feel emotional when they will watch the opening CGI scene, which can be viewed below.

"Final Fantasy XV" Judgement Disk requirement

For the fans who do not want to watch the opening CGI cutscenes in the video down below, they can always download "Final Fantasy XV's" Judgement Disk game demo. The only catch is that they will have to create a Japanese PlayStation Network or Japanese Xbox Live account since it is only available in Japan.

"Final Fantasy XV" game demo PS4 version

For the PlayStation 4 version, fans can download it on the Japanese PlayStation Store. According to the official website of PlayStation Japan, the size of "Final Fantasy XV's" game demo is 13.426 GB, which is why it is advised to clear some space ahead of time. It will allow them to play the first half of the first chapter of the game on easy difficulty.

"Final Fantasy XV" game demo Xbox One Version

For the Xbox One version, fans can download it on the Japanese Microsoft store. The size of the download is bigger than the PS4, which is 14.45 GB.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XV" Judgement Disk Opening Cinematic video below:

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