How To Quickly Earn AP In ‘Final Fantasy XV’ [VIDEO]


"Final Fantasy XV" has become one of the most popular video games recently, but few gamers are finding it difficult to gain Action Points or AP in it. AP is needed to make character progression in the game, which will make them stronger, gain new skills and techniques, and many more. Here are the ways on how to quickly earn AP in this game.

"Final Fantasy XV" character level up

One of the easiest and obvious ways to earn AP quick in "Final Fantasy XV" is through character level ups. When they earn enough experience in one day and rest up in the evening, they will level up and the system will reward them with AP. Usually the rewards are a lot of points, so it would be wise to earn a lot of experience more often.

"Final Fantasy XV" battles

According to VG247, to earn quick AP in "Final Fantasy XV" is to do certain moves during battle sequences. They can defeat and enemy with a warp strike, blindside, or parry, which will earn them 1 AP per enemy. Camp will earn the party 1 AP and completing tours from party members will also gain them 20 AP each.

"Final Fantasy XV" story interactions

According to Eurogamer, another method of gaining a lot of AP or experience in "Final Fantasy XV" is to do certain story interactions. Playing the main quest will give players some AP as a reward. Some sidequest interactions will also net them some AP.

"Final Fantasy XV" Ascension nodes

In "Final Fantasy XV," there are certain Ascension nodes that will give players AP from just engaging the required situation. Road-running will let them earn AP from just driving in the Regalia, Choco-bump will let them earn AP from riding their Chocobo, Choco-racer lets them earn AP by winning Chocobo Races, and many more. It is recommended to invest in Road-running, Choco-bump, and Happy Camping first since these activities are done on a regular basis in the game.

Check out the Fastest AP farm in "Final Fantasy XV" video below:

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