‘Final Fantasy XV’ Day One Crown Update Introduces New Features, Balance, Abilities [VIDEO]


The upcoming day one update called the Crown Update for "Final Fantasy XV" will introduce new features, balance, abilities, and many more. The PlayStation 4 console system Luna Edition has also been revealed.

"Final Fantasy XV" Battle implementations

According to the official Japanese website of "Final Fantasy XV," there were several implemented actions added with the Crown Update. Actions inspired by the Omen trailer like the Warp Drop Kick, and Backward Warp magic will be added with the day one update. Square Enix also added some of the exclusive abilities to improve the experience with Wait Mode like Libra Speed Increase, Wait Gauge Recovery, Surprise Attack Warp Break, and Final Blow Shoft Break.

The update will add screen effects during battle to make it easier for players to identify the HP status. If the HP is lower than 25 percent, the screen will have a bright red filter, while if the party is in a pinch, the whole screen will have a dark red filter. The Enemy Whistle has also been implemented, which lets players summon monsters, but it is not 100 percent accurate.

"Final Fantasy XV" field, menu, Regalia, and event additions

For the Field, it will be possible for players to warp forward even they are outside of battles, which can be handy. Music Player item was added, which allows them to listen to their favorite songs while walking. For the Menu, the gallery has been added, which allows them to view the dishes cooked by Ignis and Noctis's fish that he has caught.

For the Regalia, players can now open the menu during auto-drive, which will not stop the car anymore. The Regalia Shop was also added, which lets players shop even if they are riding the car. Cutscenes from the "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" and the Omen trailer were added since they could not fit into the physical disc.

"Final Fantasy XV" Luna Edition details

According to the official Japanese website of PlayStation, the "Final Fantasy XV" Luna Edition will be launched together with the video game on Nov. 29. It will have a PS4 console system with an original design and has hard drive storage of one terabyte. It will also have an original design DualShock 4 controller, the video game, the "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" movie, download code for the PS4 original theme, and the rest of the accessories.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XV" 101 Trailer Extended Cuty video below:

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