Simple Brain Tests For Kids At Age Three Can Tell Their Future


According to researchers, simple brain tests for children at age three can predict the chances of a child to succeed in life or become a burden in the society.

This study is based on the scores for the cognitive tests given to children. The tests measured their language skills, motor skills, frustration and impulsivity. The lower the scores are in these tests, the higher the likelihood of the children to become a burden in the society. The researchers also added that these youngsters are more likely going to become criminals or a problem in the society.

The importance of early life experiences to support kids at their young age is being emphasized by the US researchers from Duke University, and that if young children get the proper guidance they need, their future can still be changed.

Professor Terrie Moffit of Duke University said "About 20 per cent of the population is using the lion's share of a wide array of public services."

"The same people use most of the NHS, the criminal courts, the claims for disabling injury, pharmaceutical prescriptions and social welfare benefits."

In order to further understand this phenomenon, the researchers have decided to look back into the childhood of these people which led them to finding out that 20 percent of these people used to have mild problems with their brain during their early years especially when they were three.

The study was based on four tests were the researchers discovered that children who had low scores were six months behind and experienced difficulty in learning or mastering a skill.

This is why Josh Hillman, director of education at the Nuffield Foundation said these types of people should be given proper help during the early years of their lives and one of the most important support they should get is proper and quality education.

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