Science-Backed Tricks To Help Get Better Sleep


Long and quality sleep is one of the most luxurious things one can get nowadays now that the world is becoming busier and busier each day. It always seems like 24-hours every day isn't enough and that's why we're left with only a few hours for a quality shut-eye.

Sadly, poor quality of sleep can have negative effects on people and if you are also having sleeping problems, you should do something to get that elusive good quality sleep. Here are some of the tricks you can try:

1. Turn down the lights or use dim lights in your room. Bright lights can tell your brain that it's not yet time for sleeping. And according to Harvard Medical School, exposure to very bright lights before sleeping can reduce the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you fall asleep.

2. Spend time away from your mobile devices before sleeping. Many studies have already emphasized how screens can be sabotaging your sleep whether it's your mobile phone, your laptop or your television.

3. Keep your hands and feet comfortable. Keeping your hands and feet comfortable and warm can make you fall asleep faster, according to a research published in the journal, Nature. To make you feel cozy, you can pull on a pair of socks to have a feeling of relaxed and comfort.

4. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Caffeine makes your brain take longer to fall asleep so you should stay away from coffee especially before bedtime. And here's one more thing, if you think that alcohol makes you sleep faster, well then you thought wrong because it will even affect the quality of your sleep making you feel tired and exhausted the next day. Just make sure you do not consume either coffee nor alcohol before sleeping.

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