How To Raise Successful Kids And Their Parents' Common Traits According To Science

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It is natural for every parent to wish for their kids to become successful, but what are the things that will really ensure a child's success? Is there really a recipe for your child's success?

There may not be specific factors that can accurately determine the future success of your child, here are some of the common traits found among parents with successful kids:

1. Their children are assigned regular household chores. According to Julie Lythcott-Haims, former dean of freshmen at Stanford University and author of "How to Raise an Adult", allowing kids to learn about how work should be done will be able to learn how to work with their future colleagues. And understanding that work is not easy at a young age will also help them become more empathetic.

2. Social skills are taught and are developed. According to the researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Duke University, kids who are taught how to interact socially are more likely to be successful when they grow up to be adults. And that those with limited social skills had a higher likelihood to be involved in excessive drinking, or getting arrested.

3. High expectations on children are established. The parents' expectations of their kids have a significant impact on what their kids will attain in the future.

4. They have established harmonious relationships with their kids. Being able to invest in your relationships with your child early on can bring in long term results because this will give your child a feeling of security which will help in their greater academic attainment later in their lives.

5. Developing and teaching grit in children. Grit is defined as the ability of a person to stay focused on a long term goal. It's about teaching your kids to commit to achieving a goal they want to achieve for themselves.

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