College Choice: Why Its An Ordeal For Parents To Select the Best College for Their Kids [Video]

Apr 20, 2017 PM EDT Selecting the right college is not an easy process. Here are the reasons why parents choose the wrong college for their children.

Kids Learn Math Better When Body Movements Are Involved, Study Says

Feb 10, 2017 AM EST According to a new study, children can learn Math better when body movement is involved in learning and instruction.

Michigan State University Study Explains Why Kids Should Pay Attention to their Mistakes

Feb 03, 2017 AM EST A new research suggests that kids who think they can still get smarter are more likely to focus on their mistakes compared to the kids who have a fixed mindset.

Tips On Raising Kids Ready For Ivy League Colleges

Jan 27, 2017 PM EST Here are some tips on how you can raise kids for Ivy League colleges and universities.

Kids That Made Millions Before College And What You Can Learn From Them

Jan 25, 2017 AM EST Here are some of the valuable lessons you can get from these kids who made millions before even reaching college.

Belief in Santa Claus Can Affect Parent-Child Relationships, Psychologists Warn

Dec 17, 2016 AM EST Psychologist warns that perpetuating Santa Claus can ruin parent-child relationships.

Simple Brain Tests For Kids At Age Three Can Tell Their Future

Dec 14, 2016 PM EST Here is how a person's future can be predicted by simple brain tests conducted as early as the age of three.

Steps to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

Dec 07, 2016 AM EST Here are some parenting tips that will help you prepare your kids to be successful entrepreneurs

Getting College Education While Raising a Child too Challenging for Students

Dec 06, 2016 PM EST Balancing college education and raising a child is a costly and difficult thing to do, and needs more help, experts say.

Childhood Expert Advice: What it Takes to Raise Kind Kids

Dec 03, 2016 AM EST If you are raising kids, here's an advice from a childhood expert on how to raise them to be kind.

Why You Should Not Lie to Your Kids About Santa, According to Psychology

Dec 03, 2016 AM EST Psychologists share the reasons why it is not healthy for parents to make their children believe the myth about Santa.

Alarming Figures Show How Kids Below 5 are Becoming Online Addicts

Nov 28, 2016 PM EST Kids nowadays are becoming more and more addicted to using smart devices, and reports show how unhealthy this is for a child's mental and physical development.

Effective Learning For Technology and Science Achievable By Putting the Gadgets Down and Read Books To Kids Instead

Oct 25, 2016 AM EDT Reading is still a more effective method for learning about tech and science.

Music Rings In As Academics Celebrate Arts At Upper West Side School: Child Learning At Its Best! [VIDEO]

Oct 05, 2016 AM EDT Arts and academics do not contradict in the Upper West Side School. Its profound K-8 program is reponsible for it all, says principal, Smith.

Children from Rich Families More Likely To Develop Mental Health Problems, Study

Nov 11, 2013 AM EST Mental health problems are more likely to develop in children from rich families when compared to children from less affluent families, according to Arizona State University.

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