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Brain Training: How You Can Absorb Everything You Read


Despite the modern ways of obtaining information, traditional reading is still very important. And while many people still enjoy reading, they admit that they tend to forget most of what they read. Here are some of the simple yet creative strategies from some of the experts for retaining information from what you read.

1. Scan the entire text or article first. This is an advice taken from an article by Bill Klemm, Ph.D. who is a professor in neuroscience. In order to better retain information, it could help to get yourself familiar of the key words and topics so you can remember the major highlights.

2. Highlight key ideas. Whenever you read, it would help to have a pen with you. This way you can underline important items or something that confuses you. Take down notes as well on the side of the pages. Writing is an effective way of retaining information.

3. Understand the main concept of the material. Try to understand the whole point of the article and then get to know the details. Being able to comprehend what you're reading by heart will make it a lot easier for you to remember it.

4. Share the information you read to others. According to a psychologist Peter Doolittle, doing something about the information will make it easier for you to retain it. If you explain or share to others your newly acquired knowledge, it will help you process the information you've just read.

5. Read aloud. This one could work when you only need to remember a few key items according to psychologist Art Markman, Ph.D. This is because when you pronounce the words, you will remember them as you hear yourself producing them.

6. Read on paper. According to research, reading using gadgets will make it more difficult for you to remember than reading on paper. Even students when reading in print perform better instead of reading on a computer screen, a research suggests.

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