Simple Brain Tests For Kids At Age Three Can Tell Their Future

Dec 14, 2016 PM EST Here is how a person's future can be predicted by simple brain tests conducted as early as the age of three.

NCAA Suspends WV Cornerback for Three Games over Academic Eligibility Issues

Aug 26, 2014 AM EDT The National Collegiate Athletic Association has suspended West Virginia corner back Ishmael "Icky" Banks for the first three games of the year over an unspecified academic eligibility issue.

Three Convicts Sentenced In Murder of Pennsylvanian College Football Player

Aug 26, 2014 AM EDT Three men were sentenced to prison Monday in the 2012 robbery and murder of Washington and Jefferson College football player.

Effect of Group Opinion on Personal Judgement Lasts Only For 3 Days, Study

May 26, 2014 AM EDT Social pressure changes an individual's judgement to stay in accordance with the group opinion, but the effect lasts only for three days, according to a South China Normal University study.

Three Avatar Sequels to Be Filmed In New Zealand

Dec 16, 2013 AM EST It’s time for double celebration for world-wide Avatar fans as James Cameron has planned not one, but three sequels to the 2009 sci-fi block buster movie in New Zealand.

FIU Students Charged and Arrested Over Cheating Scandal

Dec 11, 2013 AM EST Three Florida International University (FIU) students have been arrested and charged for hacking into professor’s computer and stealing and distributing question papers for $150 per copy.

Three New Vertebrate Species from the ‘Lost World’ Discovered in Australia’s Cape York Peninsula

Oct 28, 2013 AM EDT Three new vertebrate species isolated for millions of years have been discovered in a James Cook University-National Geographic expedition to Cape York Peninsula in north-east Australia.

Chen Guangcheng, the Blind Chinese Dissident Chooses Washington’s Catholic University after NYU Controversial Departure (UPDATE)

Oct 03, 2013 AM EDT Amid speculations over his next probable assignment in the United States, the blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has chosen Catholic University of America in Washington.

Boston Sues Vyrian Over LED Patent

Aug 19, 2013 AM EDT Boston University has filed yet another LED patent lawsuit against Vyrian, Inc., in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts for distributing three Samsung products that contained a thin film ...

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