‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Tips, Tricks, Updates: Claim Mythical Magearna; ‘Pokemon X/Y’ Meloetta Available For Claiming [Video]


Good news gamers, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and "Pokemon X/Y" each has Mythical creatures available for claiming right now.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" and "Pokemon X/Y" both has separate promotions that give players of each game the opportunity to claim Mythical creatures respectively. However, according to Gamespot, there are steps players must fulfill for them to be able to claim their Mythical Pokemon.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" - Magearna

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" owners are offered Mythical Pokemon Magearna. Mythical Pokemon Magearna is a steel/fairy type artificial Pokemon created by scientists 500 years ago. It can perceive emotions, thoughts, and feelings of other Pokemon.

Magearna's Soul-Heart Ability can raise its Special Attack by 1 each a Pokemon in the area faints. To gain Magearna in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," make sure you have completed the main story of the game. After which, use the QR Scanner feature to scan the QR Code provided here.

After scanning the QR Code, proceed to Hau'oli and go to Antiquities of the Ages shop and talk to the deliveryman. Now that you have claimed Magearna, make sure to save your game.

"Pokemon X/Y" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby" - Meloetta

"Pokemon X/Y" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby" players can now claim Mythical Pokemon Meloetta who is a psychic type Pokemon who uses her voice to make Pokemon happy or sad and influence the feelings of those who hear it. Meloetta's Serene Grace Ability doubles the chance of attack's secondary effects from occurring, specifically stat changes, Status ailments, or flinching.

To gain Meloetta in "Pokemon X/Y" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby." She comes free as part of the Pokemon 20th anniversary celebration where Mythical Pokemon is given away every month starting February.

To gain Meloetta, you no longer have to go to a store, just simply choose Receive Gift option from the game's main menu. Make sure you are connected online and you will be able to acquire a level 100 Meloetta at any in-game Pokemon Center. Online instructions for claiming Meloetta is found here. You have until Dec. 24 to claim your very own Meloetta.

Both Mythical Pokemon is the last giveaways for the Pokemon 20th Anniversary Celebration.

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