‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Tips & Tricks: Poke Pelago Mini Game Hides A Big Secret [Video]


Poke Pelago is a new mini-game mode in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that finally employs the trainer's Boxed Pokemon to join in a variety of games and activities which enabling the trainer to find rare items, EV train and even catch wild Pokemon.

Poke Pelago's Big Secret

The entire plot of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" centers on the discovery of Ultra Wormholes. No one knows the actual location of Pelago but what is known is that Pelago is cared for by Mohn who is trapped on the other side of the Wormhole, according to Kotaku.

Poke Beans found in the Isle of Abeens in Poke Pelago are similar to Poke Puffs in Gen 6, they can be used to entice Pokemon to become more affectionate towards its trainer. Mohn will help unlock various features and islands in Poke Pelago, bearing in mind that the main goal being there is to collect Poke Beans, according to Hub.

The Isle of Abeens is also the only island in Poke Pelago where wild Pokemon can be captured aside from collecting beans.

The Islands of Poke Pelago

There are five islands in Poke Pelago that have different functions in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The Isle of Abeens is where trainers can collect Poke Beans and catch wild Pokemon; Isle of Aplenny is where one can grow berries; Isle of Aphun is where trainers can send Pokemon on missions; Isle of Eveup is an area for passive Pokemon EV training; Isle of Avue also known as the Hot Springs Island is where trainers can hatch eggs and gain Pokemon happiness.

At the beginning, a player will only have access to one island, capturing enough Pokemon and gathering enough Poke Beans can unlock other islands or Rank Up an island. Each island in Poke Pelago can be upgraded up to Rank 3. Each rank gives the player access to more options and rewards for completing tasks.

Poke Pelago is highly underrated in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," our advice is do not ignore it. For added information, watch the video below.

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