‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’: Challenge to Catch 100 Million Pokemon Begins In First Global Mission [Video]


In its first ever Global Mission, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players will participate in timed events to work and unlock prizes beginning today.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" 1st Global Mission

The challenge is presented to all players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" to cumulatively capture 100 million Pokemon before the mission ends on December 13 (UTC). Participating players will earn 1,000 Festival Coins if the goal is met. In the goal is not met, however, participating players will still get 100 or more Festival Coins. Make sure you are connected to Global Link to be eligible to participate.

Once connected to the Global Link, players are advised to speak to the woman at the desk in Festival Plaza's castle, according to Serebii. However, players are reminded that to be sure that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" bounties are counted, it is advised that players use Game Sync by December 13, according to Pokemon Global Link.

According to the announcement, more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" global missions are coming soon though no information how frequent these global missions will show up and what sort of reward system will be given at each mission.

Catch 100 Pokemon is it possible?

While 100 million Pokemon might be a daunting number to achieve, remember that the challenge is a collective effort for all "Pokemon Sun and Moon" participants. The more people who decide to join in, the goal of 100 million Pokemon shouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

The prospect of 1,000 Festival Coins is also a wonderful incentive for participants of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Mission. That is enough to purchase more items, new clothes, upgrading your monsters, and much more.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" was launched earlier this month to positive reception, so band together, stock up on Pokeballs, and try to catch them all. Check the video below for more details about the event.

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