15 Things ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon Players’ Hate About The Game [ Video]


Although considered one of the greatest hits and considered the strongest of the Pokemon franchise of games, 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' has its share of a number of missteps and regressions.

'Pokemon sun and Moon' is still considered the best game that came out this year, but according to players, there are things in the game that mar the experience somewhat, though it's not a lot, according to Gamingbolt.

1] The game is story-centric that makes playing the actual game long. It takes a few hours of running around and constantly being bugged by tutorials that any Pokemon game is famous for. 2] The actual battles are a lot slower too. Players find text speeds are slower and it takes a few seconds longer to take a turn.

3] Super Training made EVs transparent and let Trainers buff up their Pokemon. Though EVs remain, Super Training is now gone and replaced with a series of EV training scattered all throughout the game.

4] PSS feature kept players connected online to make trades easily and do battles with random players. The feature is now replaced with the Festival Plaza. 5] DexNav feature tells players if there is Pokemon left uncaught in an area is gone too. The feature also makes it easier to identify and chain specific series of Pokemon in an effort to EV train or catch better ones.

6] Players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" now have to contend playing the game in 2D. Though 3D in previous games were not so great, the option to choose would have been great had they tried to improve it instead of removing it.

7] The game works slower on older 3DS systems, though it works well on the newer models, players using old units will encounter slow loading times of the game. 8] The SOS Battles are great but there are too many of them and quite annoying, according to Goliath.

9] "Pokemon Sun and Moon" also makes it more difficult to evolve Pokemon. 10] There are wild Pokemon that are simply too difficult to get. You can only catch or evolve one if you have them at specific locations. 11] Add to this, there are also items that are difficult to come by. Destiny Knot, for instance, is harder to acquire.

12] Another gripe is that fishing for Pokemon has changed too. 13] Character clothes customization is also restricted to what version you are actually playing to either Sun or Moon. 14] Like in the previous iteration, Pokefinder remains underutilized and that there are, 15] No Side Quest Trackers.

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