Nintendo Switch Rumored to Get ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ After Launch; Sequel Might Come To Future Console [VIDEO]


The upcoming Nintendo Switch is rumored to get "Xenoblade Chronicles X" and other video game titles after the console's launch. "Xenoblade Chronicles X 2" might be coming to the upcoming console as well.

Nintendo Switch rumored to get more game titles

Laura Kate Dale twitted recently about rumors of upcoming game titles that will come with the Nintendo Switch when it launches on day one. The tweet also revealed the game titles for the first six months and the upcoming ones in the next couple of years.

Nintendo Switch might get "Xenoblade Chronicles X" port

Among the rumored game titles that Nintendo Switch might get in the future is the Nintendo Wii U game title "Xenoblade Chronicles X." This was a sequel to "Xenoblade Chronicles," which was first launched on the Wii. According to the official forums of NeoGAF, a member thinks that "Xenoblade Chronicles X" on the Nintendo Switch fits, while another member hoped that his save file will be transferred through his Nintendo account.

Nintendo Switch rumored other game titles

Aside from "Xenoblade Chronicles X" being ported to Nintendo Switch, it will also get several other games during day one, after six months, and after a couple of years. For day one, it will get the "3D Mario," which was shown in the reveal trailer, "Mario Rabbids," "Splatoon" as a port, "Skyrim," and "Just Dance 2017." For the first six months, it will get "Smash" as a port, "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" which should be launched together with Switch and Wii U, "Telltale's Guardian of the Galaxy," "Mario Kart 8" as a port, and "Mario Maker" as another port.

For 2017, "Pokemon Stars," "Sonic 2017," and "Pikmin" reboot are coming. For 2018, classic "Beyond Good and Evil" will be coming and it will be a Switch exclusive.

"Xenoblade Chronicles X 2" might come to Nintendo Switch

According to the official website of Reddit, a member suggested that "Xenoblade Chronicles X 2" might be coming to Nintendo Switch in the future. Other members are confident that there will be a sequel soon, and they do not mind that it will be on the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the Nintendo Switch trailer video below:

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