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’Sesame Street’ Celebrates 47 Years Of Child Education


Brown Johnson, the creative director and vice president of "Sesame Street Workshop" said that kids are discriminating viewers.

For him, if kids do not like the characters or understand the story, they simply just walk away or change channels. Which is why "Sesame Street" is a success even until this day.

When the creators of "Sesame Street" thought about making a television for kids, they made their research based on the age and comprehension level of their target audience, cites The Creators Project. When the show began in 1969, "Sesame Street's" main goal was education. They wanted to exhibit values that would make kids everywhere smarter, stronger and kinder - such is the motto of the show.

They did their research and consulted a team of child psychologists and educators to find out how they can help kids get ready for school and make them become active members of the community.

Now, it celebrates 47 years on television because of the show's ability to teach kids about respect, basic math and language, and even sharing. Note how two puppets can fight over an odd number of cookies. In the end, they find that they can just share with the last and odd cookie cut in half.

Johnson explains that 2 to 5 year old kids are curious. Which is why "Sesame Street" is full of interesting and educational materials. And the show evolves with the times. The show currently focuses on STEM and media engagement. Johnson makes sure that where the kids are, they are there too.

 "Sesame Street's" goal for a smarter, stronger and kinder audience targets the executive function skills and social behavior of kids. The show is described as an assisting tool to prepare them for life and school. With the help of puppets such as Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Big Bird, Snuffy and more, plus a host of celebrities dropping in as special guests, the creators of the show are making it an instructive and educational experience for kids.

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