Donald Trump On School Choice, Education And Student Debt

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President Elect Donald Trump did not completely talk about his stand on education through his campaign. He provided snippets to the media and reporters about his views on the matter and critics say it is often times conflicting.

But since he is going to take his seat in the Oval Office next year as the next president of the United States, many are looking forward to his views and agenda on the education system of the country.

During a panel discussion in Washington last week, the NY Times covered Frederick M. Hess. Hess is a conservative education policy expert and he teases that Donald Trump's achievement when it comes to education is Trump University.

Trump University is a controversial issue when it comes to Trump and his businesses. He was sued for fraud after Trump University promised to teach real estate skills from the man himself. However, he did not show up, at least once, in the many conferences and seminars under his name.

Where does President elect Donald Trump stand when it comes to school and education? Hess dissects Trump's suggestion that the federal Department of Education is going to get the "chopping block." Hess explains that Trump's statements are still not clear whether he will follow the Republican agenda or pursue his personal and populist streak.

Hess did note that Trump's education proposal of funding $20 Billion to allow low-income students to receive education follows the policy of Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Pence is known to favor school choice. But out of all his statements, Trump argues that he is serious about cutting college and university costs, to lower student debt and improve schools in America.

Donald Trump still has not made a formal policy or agenda for education but he did meet with several education authorities to discuss the matter. Reportedly, he is looking for possible choices for the next education secretary.

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