Stressed At Work? Five Signs Of Job Burn Out You Should Know


When it comes to working, employees and employers alike are faced with different types of stress. Most of the time, stress comes from a combination of mental and physical factors. These are things to look out for when entering the labor force and the professional world. No matter what type of industry you decide to work or pursue, people are prone to getting tired.

However, it is a good idea to figure out if a person is burned out from the job or just tired. Which is why Liz Ryan, a contributor at Forbes, cites that there are five signs to watch out for when an individual is undeniably burn out from his or her job.

Ask these questions if a job burn out is being experienced:

1. Is the work harder than it used to be?

2. Does work feel like a burden or a punishment than it used to be? Does work still excite you?

3. Does worrying about your job make you sick or causes you to lack sleep?

4. Do you still have the energy to get out of bed in the morning and go to work?

5. Are the fun things outside of work still fun? Are you able to go to the cinema and not worry about work?

According to Ryan, a person's energy level goes up and down, in waves. Everybody has experienced stress and job burn out at some point in their lives. At a certain point, a person's energy tank is drained.

If the answers from the five signs point to a person being burnt out, then Liz Ryan suggests to take some time and figure out a motivation that will encourage a person to move on and take ample rest to rebuild one's energy. But if all else fails, the person may need a new job or a new environment. If the person is not able to rebuild in two to three months, the individual will hit a wall.

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