President Obama Awards Medal of Freedom: Eduardo Padron For His Contribution To Education

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President Barack Obama said during the awards ceremony of the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday, that the celebrity guests (in the event) are the reason that makes United States of America the greatest nation.

The event includes a collection of people that contributed to the good of the nation and sometimes globally. Barack Obama awards 21 recipients during the event. These people are notable celebrities, big Hollywood names, sports celebrities and more.

There are several people invited to receive the Medal of Freedom. Actors such as Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Robert Redford and Cicely Tyson were there to receive the medals. Musicians Diana Ross and Bruce Springsteen were also present. The entertainment industry's own screen writer and producers Lorne Michaels was also in attendance. As well as comedienne and morning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. NBA superstars Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, LA Dodgers' Vin Scully and even veteran athlete Michael Jordan were there to represent their field. These are the highly recognizable names but there are also some recipients that are not as famous but did make meritorious contributions.

Take Eduardo Padron for example. Padron is the President of Miami Dade College. During the last forty years, he has always striven to provide and ensure access of education to all students. High quality and affordable education is always his mail goal. He is known to champion innovative teaching methods which makes MDC a successful and model school.

To receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom is to be considered as one of the highest civilian honors in the United States. According to the official White House website, the award is given to individuals who have made astounding contributions to the national interests and security of the country. That includes the dedication to world peace, education, culture, mathematics, technology, computer science, law, physics, architecture and more.

According to Barack Obama, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is a tribute to the idea that everyone has the opportunity to change the United States for the better.

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