’The Walking Dead’s Carl Dies In Series? Chandler Riggs Leaving Show For College Education


Oftentimes, when a celebrity or actor leaves a show, it is most likely in pursuit of other paths or ventures. But in some points, it can be totally far off from that.

Take Carl from "The Walking Dead" for instance. He is the son of Rick Grimes and is played by actor Chandler Riggs. In "The Walking" dead comic literature, he is an important character. He played one of the major roles in the early seasons of the zombie television show. Now at 17 years old, he is nearing the point of adulthood towards higher education.

After working on the show for 10 years, it looks like he is not staying long. Sources indicate that Chandler Riggs might be going to college next year, cites Digital Planet. Earlier this week, Riggs went to social media to make an announcement that will most likely affect his career on the hit television show.

Riggs has recently been accepted into Auburn College. When it comes to the location of the school, it is only a couple of hours from the set of "The Walking Dead." While there is no official announcement yet of him leaving the show, some speculate that if his course load permits, he may still be able to film some episodes and scenes.

However, that is highly unlikely after Chandler Rigg's own dad took to Facebook to announce that their seven year contract with "The Walking Dead" is over. Did they time the contract just right to make sure he gets into college at the right age?

For this dad, it was high time for his son to focus on his studies. He noted that Chandler did not have much of a childhood as it was always school and work for him.

It is unclear how he is going to leave the show. Is his character going to get bitten by a Walker? Or is Carl going to be taken by Negan?

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