Blizzard Offers Black Friday Deals For Several Digital Video Games [VIDEO]


Blizzard is offering their fans and players discounts on several digital video games through their online shop during Black Friday week. Their free-to-play strategy game, "Heroes of the Storm," will get two discounted bundles.

"Overwatch: Origins Edition" offer

According to the official blog of, Blizzard is currently offering discounts on several digital downloads of select products, which have deals that go from 33 percent to 87 percent off. The PC version of "Overwatch: Origins Edition" is discounted 40 percent, which makes it now $34.99. Console versions will have the same price too at Sony's PlayStation Store and Microsoft's Xbox Games Store.

"World of Warcraft" deals

For "World of Warcraft," Blizzard is offering a 75 percent discount off the standard price of the online video game and it has all of the expansions through Warlords of Draenor. The price of this deal is now $4.99. The game company warns that the latest expansion, Legion, is being sold separately.

"StarCraft 2" discounts

Players will get 50 percent savings if they purchase "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty," which can be bought for only $9.99 only. It will be the same with "StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm," which is also now $9.99 with the 50 percent savings. "StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void" was fairly recent and the standalone third chapter of the series will now have a price of $19.99, which gives players a 33 percent savings.

"Heroes of the Storm" Black Friday deals

According to another post on the official blog of, players of "Heroes of the Storm" will get in-game deals and discounted bundles. Blizzard is offering the 360 Day Stimpack again, which will give their heroes a 100 percent bonus XP boost and 150 percent bonus gold. The item is available for only $59.89, will automatically activate on purchase, and the deal will end on Nov. 28.

Players can purchase the Legends of the Nexus Bundle for only $39.99, which gives them 53 percent of savings. This bundle will give them Kerrigan, Leoric, and Tassadar heroes. It will also give them the Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan legendary skin, Mecha Tassadar skin, Space Lord Leoric skin, the Space Lord's Starbreaker mount, and the Ghost Speeder mount.

The Altered War Bundle will have a Black Friday price of $9.99, which gives players 87 percent of savings. This bundle will give them several heroes like Sonya and Arthas, and skins like the Wrath Sonya, Crown Prince Arthas, and many more.

Blizzard is offering a 50 percent discount on Azmodunk and Infested Tychus legendary skins. This will also affect the Azmodan and Tychus heroes as well.

Check out the BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Ticket video below:

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