‘Diablo 3’ Patch 2.4.3 PTR Patch Notes Revealed, New Hardware Support; Features 20th Anniversary Event [VIDEO]


Blizzard has revealed the Public Test Realm notes for "Diablo 3's" patch 2.4.3 and it now adds a new hardware support. The new PTR patch also features the 20th anniversary event.

"Diablo 3" latest PTR patch adds new hardware support

According to the official blog of "Diablo 3," the latest PTR patch notes have been revealed. Testers and other people involved in the public test realm will find these notes helpful in exploring it. One of the latest additions was the latest hardware support.

For those who have the Corsair Utility Engine SDK and Razer peripherals will now take advantage of the latest addition of its support. Backlit keyboards that are supported with this latest PTR patch will respond to certain in-game situations like characters leveling up, item drops that have a category of Legendary or Set items, and many more. To use this feature, players will need to update their firmware for the supported devices.

"Diablo 3" new feature is a 20th anniversary event

Blizzard revealed that there will be an event where a mysterious group of cultists are making trouble somewhere in "Diablo 3's"world. Players will need to find them in Adventure Mode and look for clues that will reveal a portal into Tristram's past. This event will only be available in January and players are warned that this will feature a pre-cursor event, which will start a few hours before anniversary event is available.

"Diablo 3" new PTR patch's other additions and fixes

With the latest PTR patch for "Diablo 3," it has added new items and features, changed several values, and fixed different bugs and issues it was plagued with. One of those that were added was a new item called the Talisman of Akkhan, which will be the seventh piece of the Armor of Akkhan. One of the bugs that were fixed was the Hellfire Amulet bug where Fetishes spawned by this item would not reduce the cooldown of the Big Bad Voodoo correctly.

How to join "Diablo 3" PTR program

According to the official forums of "Diablo 3," players must a game license attached to their account with a good reputation. They will need to create a PTR account, which can be accessed through the Account Management feature. After creating the account, they can gain access to the PTR feature and play it.

Check out the "Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls" Opening Cinematic video below:

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