What Players Need To Know About ‘Diablo III’s’ New Necromancer Class [VIDEO]


The Necromancer class is the latest playable character to be introduced in the popular "Diablo III." Blizzard also announced that the video game will have the recreation of the original "Diablo" in Old Tristram.

What is the "Diablo III" Necromancer class

According to the official blog of "Diablo III," the Necromancer class is a master of the dark arts, which draws out power from death. Players will be able to raise skeleton warriors, fire deathly dark spells, and make corpses explode for massive damage.

Who can access the "Diablo III" Necromancer class

The Necromancer class will be one of the many contents for the Rise of the Necromancer pack DLC, which is set for release in 2017. For players to gain access to this upcoming "Diablo III" class, they will need the base game and the Reaper of Souls expansion. For the consoles, they will only need the Ultimate Evil Edition of the video game.

Other contents in "Diablo III's" Rise of the Necromancer Pack

Blizzard revealed that there will be other contents added to the Rise of the Necromancer Pack for "Diablo III" aside from the Necromancer class. They will also get an in-game pet, two additional slots, a portrait frame, two additional tabs for PC, pennant, banner, and the banner sigil.

Clarifications on "Diablo III's" Necromancer class

Blizzard clarified that this Necromancer class from "Diablo III" is not the same one from "Diablo II" or the "Heroes of the Storm" character, Xul. The class is still in very early development, which is why there are no official in-game female necromancer screenshots or images at this time. They also said that the Necromancer is different from the Witch Doctor because their magic is darker and it is centered on the raw materials of life, which are blood and bone.

"Diablo III" celebrates 20th anniversary of franchise in-game

In other "Diablo III" related news, Blizzard announced that the game will have a new content in the next patch. According to another post on the official blog of the video game, it will introduce the recreation of "Diablo" in Old Tristram. Players will be able to fight unique monsters, loot items, and many more exclusive to that mission.

Check out the "Diablo III" Rise of the Necromancer Pack Reveal video below:

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