‘Overwatch’ Graphic Novel Now Cancelled To Take Story In Different Direction; Symmetra Gains New Ultimate Ability [VIDEO]


The graphic novel for "Overwatch" has been cancelled by Blizzard because they want to take the story in another direction. Symmetra gains a new ultimate ability.

"Overwatch" novel cancelled

Blizzard's lead writer Michael Chu confirmed on the official forums of "Overwatch" that the release of the "Overwatch: First Strike" graphic novel has been cancelled. The game company thanked for the team for their work they had put into it. They have decided that they wanted the story to go in a different direction this time around.

"Overwatch" novel origins

Chu revealed that the idea for the "Overwatch" graphic novel started back in the early days of the game's development. The developers wanted to tell the story of the founding of the popular first person shooter video game during the Omnic Crisis.

Since the birth of the graphic novel, the developers have done a lot of development on the game's universe and its stories. The core of this story remained, but they have changed and expanded upon how they saw the events that happened during the first days of the video game.

"Overwatch" novel still planned to tell

Chu said that for now, the stories of the characters involved in the "Overwatch" graphic novel will have to wait for another day. They have acknowledged that this is a story a lot of fans still want to know, and Blizzard still planning to tell it to them at another time.

"Overwatch" character Symmetra gets new Ultimate Ability

In other "Overwatch" related news, the PTR patch notes revealed Symmetra's new ability. Aside from her new abilities added to the test like the Photon Barrier, she now has the Shield Generator. According to the official website of the video game, this makes her the first character to have two ultimate abilities to choose from.

The Photon Barrier replaces Symmetra's current Photon Shield ability, which generates a large energy barrier in front of her. The Shield Generator places a device that grants additional shields to any ally within its effective range.

Check out the "Overwatch" Developer Update Symmetra Redesign video below:

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