‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Spoilers And Release Date: Saitama Turns Into A Villain With New Fatal Enemies? [Video]


Saitama fans are anticipating his return in "One Punch Man" Season 2 and are waiting for the continuation of his adventures. There are talks going around rumor mills that Saitama's return would cater to a new persona as a villain.

Saitama the villain in "One Punch Man" Season 2?

Wild speculations are saying Saitama's return in "One Punch Man" Season 2 will become a villain due to several factors. One rumor is based on a leaked sneak peak of the first episode of Season 2 where Saitama seems to be angry with a group of people.

One other rumor that says he might turn into a villain is due to heartbreak. The rumor goes on saying that the cause is that Saitama in "One Punch Man" Season 2 will be involved in a love triangle. This wild rumor further says that it will involve Tatsumaki and her sister Fubuki, a Class-S and a Class-B Hero respectively.

Time Bomb and Monster Admirer

The coming "One Punch Man" Season 2 marks the appearance of Garou, also referred to as a "Time Bomb" and a "Monster Admirer," Garou will attack the Hero Association upon his arrival. If the manga is followed to the letter as what the anime has done so far, Garou's entrance in Season 2 is an opportune time and is highly likely.

Another character that is likely to appear in "One Punch Man" Season 2 is a Class-S hero called King. He is said to be fearsome that even monsters are wary of him.

Furthermore, there are also reports of the re-appearance of Lord Boros. His return marks Saitama's biggest battle where it is said that Lord Boros is now much stronger than he was in "One Punch Man" Season 1.

"One Punch Man" Season 1 ended with the battle of Saitama and Lord Boros, creator Yusuke Murata could create more opponents for Saitama, hints were dropped in Amai and Metal Knight as a possible future nemesis, according to SportsRageous.

More episodes in Season 2

Murata has already announced he is working hard to for the series follow-up of "One Punch Man." The process involves as little as nine months to as long as two years for a season to be created.

The announcement of "One Punch Man" Season 2 as earlier reported confirmed, according to Animenewsnetwork though there is no announcement of a release date so far. However, there are numerous reports that "One Punch Man" Season 2 will have 19 episodes as opposed to the 1st season's 12 episodes.

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