Is 'The Dark Phoenix Saga' The Perfect Way To End The X-Men Movies [Video]


The X-Men franchise needs a major reboot coming from the success of "Deadpool" and the very recent "Doctor Strange."

Though "X-Men: Apocalypse" might not have been the worst of superhero movies, it fails in comparison to the first two X-Men outings. Still, the subject of X-Men is a hot topic for what it could bring next. The Phoenix has been featured twice in the X-Men films, but it has never truly been explored deeper in the comics or even in the animations.

A glimmer of hope is brewing when rumors coming from LRM sources suggest that "The Dark Phoenix" storyline could be the subject of the next X-Men movie. Coming from incinerating Apocalypse in "X-Men: Apocalypse," It could as well be what fans would want to see explored on the silver screen, according to Comicbook.

"The Dark Phoenix" saga is one story arc that gives X-Men fanatics respect for the character. An extraterrestrial entity that lives in its host, in this instance, Jean Grey, whose Phoenix presence in her is still left unexplored. An entity that feeds on stars for sustenance, but can only manifest itself and its power through a living host, unfortunately, whose origin has never been tackled in the movies but taken as an inherent being in Jean Grey.

According to Cinema Blend, Fox is thinking of pressing the reset button on the X-Men franchise anyway, what better way than tackle "The Dark Phoenix" saga before that, they suggest. What is more interesting is that the saga leaves room for spinoffs. However, the report says this is highly unlikely (for the moment) considering plans are already in motion for "Deadpool 2" and "New Mutants."

Even though "Deadpool 2's" problems haven't been resolved, there are already talks for a "Deadpool 3" that is reported to include X-Force. It is also suggested that Gambit leads an adventure on his own. Summing it up, more than a decade seems long enough to entertain X-Men fans, it is about right to end the series with a bang so that spinoffs could continue what it started by attacking new material in some sort of a rebirth much like a Phoenix, born out of the ashes.

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