‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 [UPDATE]: Premiere Is Fast Approaching Amid Animation Delays [Video]

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Despite delays, "Rick and Morty" Season 3 script is done. However, production rumors began sprouting that is freaking everyone out that might cause the show to be ultimately delayed.

Notwithstanding animation delays, the script for the show is finished and Dan Guterman has confirmed though that the animation for "Rick and Morty" Season 3 is already half done, and as reported will have 14 episodes in total. Finishing the animation in a few weeks might be a tall order but fans are still hopeful the production can pull through.

According to Inverse, a joke image from Futurama that is titled "Rick and Morty Season 3 Release Date Announced" skyrocketed in the rankings so fast the moderators has to cross the title out saying it was a joke.

However, according to the same report, a Reddit user PopDavid, have been issuing a warning to fans of the Adult Swim feature to expect a 2017 premiere date instead of this coming December 2016. He claims that he is a Design Assitant on the show. He asserts that "Rick and Morty's schedule have been highly exaggerated, or simply inaccurate.

It would be hard to believe him at this point considering he said in October that the script for the "Rick and "Morty" has not been completed, which was dispelled by Dan Gutterman, staff writer for the show, tweeted that he is "officially done."

It would be interesting to note that Gamers Drop picked up our earlier report in which pronouncements of a December 2016 premiere of "Rick and Morty" is fast approaching.

Like everyone else, it is still uncertain if the production of "Rick and Morty" will be able to push through with 2016 premiere, but one thing is certain, Adult Swim fans have been obsessive enough to pick up every bit of news regarding the"hit" series, breaking any known mold of what the word means for the network.

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