University Of South Carolina Now Offers Course All About Anime

Jan 23, 2017 AM EST University of South Carolina is now offering a college course on anime as an English introductory class.

'Attack On Titan' Season 2 News: Mangaka Isayama Gets Involved In Screenwriting; Former Editor Arrested For Murder [VIDEO]

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST The acclaimed mangaka Hajime Isayama was reported to be involved with the screenwriting for the upcoming "Attack on Titan" Season 2.

'Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress' Season 2 Coming In 2018 Confirmed By Director; 'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Trailer Released [VIDEO]

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST The director for "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress" Season 2 has confirmed that the animated series is in development and will be on its way in 2018.

‘Yuri On Ice’ News: Most Tweeted Anime But Failed To Be The Best One; Creator Eyes Season 2

Jan 03, 2017 AM EST The ice skating romantic comedy "Yuri on Ice," ...

Top 5 Must Watch Anime Of 2016; Nominees For IGN People's Choice Award For Best Anime Revealed [VIDEO]

Dec 24, 2016 AM EST Sources take time to list their top 5 anime must-watch shows of 2016. Moreover, fans can take their pick and vote the Best Anime Series that will receive the IGN People's Choice Award.

'Gravity Rush 2' PS4 Livestream Footage Reveals Online Features & More; Anime Movie Release Date Confirmed? [VIDEO]

Dec 17, 2016 AM EST A recent livestream of the PS4-exclusive "Gravity Rush 2" has given fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the upcoming sequel. Moreover, SIE Japan Studios has announced that they will be ...

Naruto Shippuden Update: Anime To Take A Short Break? Upcoming Arc Focuses On Shikamaru Story And Naruto Wedding? [VIDEO]

Dec 14, 2016 PM EST It's the buzz of the Naruto world. "Naruto Shippuden" is about to go hiatus after dealing with the action-packed episode 487. The Japanese manga series will return in early January to close off ...

‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Spoilers And Release Date: Saitama Turns Into A Villain With New Fatal Enemies? [Video]

Nov 23, 2016 PM EST One Punch Man Season two might feature Saitama return as a villain? This plus the return of Lord Boros and a new villain and more are in the works for our hapless her.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers, News & Updates: Episode 66 Plot Leak; Super Saiyan Blue Vegito Technique Revealed! [VIDEO]

Nov 10, 2016 AM EST The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is entitled “Showdown: The Unyielding Warriors’ Miraculous Power.” It is slated to air next week on Nov. 13.

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers, News & Updates: Toei Animation Surprise Revealed; 'Dragon Ball Super' Gets Funimation English Dub! [VIDEO]

Nov 07, 2016 AM EST A few presumed it to be the return of Vegitto in Super Saiyan Blue, while some speculated it was news of the next story arc in the Multi-verse Tournament (as the current arc was coming to an end). ...

‘Ghost In The Shell’ 2017 Movie News: ‘Stand Alone Complex’ & Anime References; Kusanagi’s Consciousness Transferred To Scarlett Johansson’s Body! [VIDEO]

Nov 04, 2016 AM EDT “Ghost in the Shell” is a large franchise dating back to 1989 beginning with Masamune Shirow’s manga series of the same name. Since then, it continued to blow the minds of fans with two more ...

“Tokyo Ghoul” Spoilers, News & Updates: Season 3 Confirmed; Episode 1 Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

Nov 04, 2016 AM EDT An unnamed writer stated that season 3 is perhaps the most disillusioning, psychological and darkest plot line that they have attempted to adapt. He goes on to say that they hope to remain as faithful ...

Tamagotchi: 1st Anime Short Film in 9 Years To Screen In Japan’s Golden Week [Video]

Nov 03, 2016 AM EDT In its first theatrical release after 9 years, Bandai brings the short anime to theaters to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the successful franchise.

Anime News & Updates: Katabuchi’s Hiroshima Anime Set To Open Chitose Airport Festival [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT “In This Corner of the World” is about a young lady named Suzu. A preview of the film wil be shown at the Third New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2016 happening Nov. 3 to Nov. ...

‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Gets Spring 2017 Premier Date, Possible Time Skip To Match Manga [VIDEO]

Oct 26, 2016 PM EDT After much anticipation and amidst all the hype and rumors, "Attack on Titan" finally gets a premiere date for its second season. The titan-filled anime is slated for a spring 2017 release, which will ...

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