Top 7 Techs To Anticipate For 2017, Useful For College Students [VIDEO]


2017 promises a lot of surprises on its unfolding. But nothing can prepare the college students with the top 7 techs to anticipate in 2017- here is Forbes revealing the list from research.

Even by the turn of the 21st century, the digital age has already gilded up its sides with famous achievements in STEM. But there is actually more to it than what we see. 

In other news, student activists all over the globe are taking part of the banquet of "investigative journalism" through the social media. Hence, social media is just one of the multitudes of technological feats ever to grace humankind's existence, Duke Global reported.

For college students, here are the 7 possible 2017 techs that you might consider, Forbes reported.

Here are the top 7 techs to anticipate on 2017:

1. IoT and Smart Home Tech. -Imagine acquiring home appliances in an interconnected sphere powered by Google, Amazon and Apple. Students renting a house or living in dorms will be the first to benefit from this one. 

 2. AR and VR- With the Oculus Rift realized, virtual reality will definitely be on a blast in the upcoming years. Innovations in experience is an understatement with this. By all means, experience is the fire-setter for research. 

 3. Machine Learning- Search engine algorithm, AI, analytics app is just a few of what to expect in learning tech next year. 

 4. Automation-Human tasks will never be carried on the same with the aids of robots. In synch with AI tech, one can already get a glimpse of an ideal academic lifestyle.

 5. Humanized Big Data- Another form of AI made even better. The Humanized Big Data had since been a gravity of scientific discussions for years. Now, come 2017, and it'll resurface with a new light. 

 6. Physical-Digital Integrations- Information at its best- that is the idea of the physical-digital integration in the form of Dash Buttons. Moreover, locating and purchasing will never be the same with this new tech in 2017.

 7. Everything On-Demand- Apps over apps can now be purchased via app. Everything on-demand now available in your mobile by the turn of the year. So, you better much likely pump up your academic skills and be best to know the codes to purchasing these techs smacked right at the middle.

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