Apple Hires 16 Former Omnifone Engineers: Did Apple Actually Buy The Streaming Tech For $10 Million? [VIDEO]


The rumors finally surface out: Apple hired 16 former Omnifone engineers and developers. A now bankrupt streaming music technology provider, the Omnifone was believed to be bought by Apple for $10 Million. The truth is yet to be told.

Rob Lewis, founder of Omnifone, perhaps one of the most promising cloud-based music streaming domains in media today, emerges with a state-of-the-art music player technology that can be plugged into a TV device like a microphone chip. He calls this the Electric Jukebox, Techcrunch reported.

However, Lewis is no longer affiliated with Omnifone. This is because, just recently this year, the domain raised the white flag and filed bankruptcy- a headline less heard of.

Certainly, Apple marketing experts thought, Rob Lewis might have handed down his genius to his former team of engineers and developers in the once-kicking Omnifone. Thus, the whole acquisition business fired up with Apple's move to hire 16 former Omnifone engineers at Lewis' recommendations, who were considered A-listers, Macrumors stated.

Apple aimed hard to move all these little company and tech buying with such discretion, or so they thought. Unbeknown to Apple, rumors were already leaking out from a filed report from Ominfone's bankruptcy administrators.

The reports contain particular technology assets from Omnifone brought in smaller parts for an entire package of $10 million. And, among the buyers that placed big is, guess what- Apple, Musically stated.

Albeit the outright discrediting of the information by prominent sites, there is actually hardly any point to negate the truth. Quite interestingly, Apple's move of hiring 16 talents from Omnifone is more than sufficient an evidence that the company is buying the Omnifone cheaper by the dozen.

Just today, an official incorporation of the said Omnifone engineers and developers had been noted by industry. The employees are now, by all legality, software engineers at Apple, Apple Insider reported.
Now, feast on.

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