Dropbox Partners With Blackboard Learn For Ultimate Virtual Education Experience! [VIDEO]

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Dropbox has gotten really serious about education goals and eventually partners with Blackboard Learn, a leading virtual learning application. With the resources at hand, Dropbox can finally integrate technology features between its system and the Blackboard's in order to deliver the ultimate virtual education experience.

Dropbox had since sparked hope among education sectors months ago when it first introduced its latest education-inclined feature. Recently, it updated its users with a partnership deal it had made with Blackboard Learn.

The Blackboard Learn tool is enough a celebrated app where students get to spontaneously collaborate on a project and invite the professor to talk them through the course flow. 

The virtual app has been widely used by students all over the world. For that very reason, Dropbox found it a grand idea to merge power with the superior tool and deliver its purpose of prioritizing education market.

What is most promising about this partnership is that it puts Dropbox right in the core such that if you happen to have a Dropbox account, it automatically becomes the default sharing tool in the app. With the Dropbox as main platform, students can save and share large data with each other. The Blackboard Learn credits any levels of Dropbox account usage, suppose an account holder is avoiding charges from using Dropbox. Therefore, students can now use Dropbox for free through the consumable space featured in Blackboard, provide that it hasn't ran out, Engadget reported.

"Now, Dropbox will be embedded directly into Blackboard Learn, enabling students to collaborate on projects together and submit them to Blackboard through Dropbox, and allowing professors to communicate with students. While many Dropbox users are already collaborating with Blackboard, Dropbox is confident that the LMS provider -- with 100 million users -- will advance Dropbox's push into the education sector. When Dropbox Education launched, it had more than 4,000 univerities on board, and it now has about 6,000 universities and institutions using it globally", ZDNet stated.

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