Google’s Latest Mobile Tech, ‘Pixel’ Has Great Camera Quality: At Par With iPhone? [VIDEO]


With much anticipation over the hidden wonders of Google's latest mobile technology, experts have now been led to decide on the excellence of Google Pixel XL. Despite the final verdict on its great camera quality, the question remains unanswered: "Is its tech quality at par with iPhone's"?

The latest technology highlight by Google, the "Pixel" has been compared many times with leading phone brands ever released- the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Nexus 6P. For one thing- the Pixel XL is a glorious smartphone variant that constantly makes its way across the list of the most sophisticated cellphone brands in the world.

However, it is still worthy an opponent to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Nexus 6P. The 3 were right to be compared all along. Of the 3, the Nexus 6P may have won in "size" matters, but Google's Pixel never gives into the sidelines as it stands high for having the best-designed full-metal body display.

Like Samsung, the Pixel is of high elegance. It may however benefit from added features like water-proofing and other stuff. Nevertheless, it is so far a win-win for the brand, GameNGuide reported.

Its only remaining odd now is the iPhone. Without a doubt, it is very worthy to finally contend Pixel with iPhone since both are smartphone devices and most of all; both are standards when it comes to camera quality. More so, the area of photography should always stand for as a deciding factor for buyers before saying deal, Mobile & Apps reported.

By all means, there are certainly a lot of reasons for Google creators to celebrate. One of them is the result obtained by Google of narrowing the option line between Pixel and iPhone.

Without a doubt, Pixel emerges, and has been proven by experts to be a "photography powerhouse". So, what becomes of iPhone now?

Well, the truth is- iPhone is still on top. By its 3rd party ecosystem, smoother animations, server functions, camera quality and a lot more, iPhone ensures its place in the competition.

One thing cannot be denied in all these though, with Pixel's striking industrial design, and some best parts only getting started, it sure is in a close call with iPhone. Suppose you'd be asking if it's already at par with iPhone- the answer is that it's only getting started, the Verge reported.

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