Apple Entertainment Update: A 'Watch List' To Help You Find The Next Big Shows? [VIDEO]


Apple presents its all-new entertainment update in the form of a "watch list". Now, this trending watch list isn't built to compete with Netflix, as what most experts think, but to rather help viewers find the next big hit shows from various viewing channels.

Apple isn't really leaving any single expectation unmatched or un-exceeded. With its upcoming "Hello Again" event on Thursday, it cannot go unnoticed from rumor boxes. Right there and then after it announced its "Hello Again" event in Wednesday, talks about Apple Company planning an Apple TV immediately surfaced out, Macworld reported.

The all-new Apple TV plan is actually a content discovery app called the "Watch List" that records the viewer's channel habits and even streams through service subscription information just to tell the user/viewer of the next big shows on air. It is more or less an AI-linked technology application.

Generally, the app functions as a suggestive format and not a viewing site. This is, so far, the most certain information gathered from the rumors. Even the names behind the app's development haven't even surfaced yet due to the confidential nature of the engagement.

This all-new tech feature by Apple is believed to be a follow-up of the nearly-forgotten search and discovery plans introduced by Apple last year. Apparently, this could be accounted for as a simple update of the Apple TV streaming box plans, USA Today reported.

There are still more talks to be finished here. But what is definite now is that this is all but a part of the regular Apple tech rumors coming up and about almost every month. Confirmations about whether this kind of app will differ much from Amazon's Fire streaming devices, or that Netflix is partnering up are yet to be confirmed first-hand, the Verge reported.

So, while rumors are still hot, Apple fans would, at least, always find reason to be fired up.

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