Nintendo Switch News & Updates: Nintendo SRP Undercuts; UK Retailer Reveals Price! [VIDEO]


Sources indicated that U.K. specialist gaming retail chain GAME has revealed their planned pricing for the Nintendo Switch console. It appears that Nintendo is, once again, aiming to undercut Sony's and Microsoft's SRP at launch.

The U.K. retailer will be selling the console for £199.99 ($215.57). Taking into account that retailers won't sell systems at a loss, it is a good indication for pricing in the U.S. Furthermore, Nintendo is planning the SRP to be comparable across regions, LetsPlayVideoGames reported.

Even if the Nintendo Switch were to be tagged in the U.S. at $250, it would still have the advantage. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are currently selling for around $300. Wanting to stay competitive, Nintendo will keep pricing within the same range. Also, given that the company succeeded in undercutting the competitors with the Wii, a similar strategy will give them the upper hand, The Verge reported.

On launch the Wii was sold for $250 SRP. It was $50 cheaper than the Xbox 360 and half the price of the PlayStation 3. The pricing proved to be a good decision as the Wii beat the other two by a few million units sold.

Furthermore, consumers should consider that Nintendo is once again relying on its console's unique form factor and control configuration to move the Switch. This is their hand to play against consoles boasting 4K resolution and VR optimizations.

While the Switch itself has less firepower than the Sony or Microsoft consoles, it is so much cheaper. Also, considering its portability, it can go head-to-head, comfortably, with the competitors' newer consoles, potentially beating them in sales.

The Nintendo Switch with upgraded internal storage is estimated to sell for $300 and the Switch Pro Controllers will go for $50. This, of course, waits to be confirmed in the days leading to its official launch on January next year.

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