‘Gran Turismo Sport’ News & Updates: ‘GT Sport’ features for PS4 Pro Detailed [VIDEO]


"Gran Turismo" has been a title aiming for realism in almost every aspect of its games. Among these are colors. They are integral, in terms of visuals, for a truly realistic simulation. "Gran Turismo Sport" for PS4 Pro employs new technology to achieve this.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of "Gran Turismo Sport," detailed the improvements available in the PS4 Pro release. It will have 4K with 1800p checkerboard resolution. Also, the brightness range is 100 times that of the current camera standard. It will have support for current High Dynamic Range TV's as well as future HDR devices with up to 10,000 nits brightness. Furthermore, GT's tonemap will be compatible for both Standard Dynamic Range and HDR TV's, Eurogamer reported.

All of this is possible as "Gran Turismo Sport" on PS4 Pro utilizes the BT2020 color space. Meaning, Ferrari's Rosso Corsa, a red previously outside the old color space, will be accurately represented. Not only that, the simulated environments will appear more natural.

More on realism, the human eye can sense a very wide variety of color. Simulations and TV images have been visually limited by the technology available at any given time period. Since the introduction of Color TVs, decades ago, color representation has been a struggle. Wherein, Ferrari has previously employed a trick painting their F1 cars with a smidge more orange so the TV appearance is in their traditional red. However, recent advances have widened the range bringing color images closer to life.

In other news, the upcoming "GT Sport" racing game will not feature dynamic time nor weather. I was decided that these two key features be dropped in order to raise the frame rate and the quality of the image. However, players will still be given the option to set the time and weather conditions before the start of a race, Gamespot reported.

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