'Driveclub' News & Updates: Evolution Studios New Owner Codemasters Rumored To Take Over ‘Driveclub?’ [VIDEO]


As fans bid farewell to "Driveclub," they were given a parting-gift in the form a sizable final update patch from its creators, Evolution Studios. Also, Sony, which absorbed some members of the game studio, is speculated by sources to not release further updates; however, rumors have circulated that Evolution Studios' new owner might take on the task of updating for PS4 Pro.

In a release by Codemasters last April, they announced the acquisition of Evolution Studios. They expressed their excitement at taking the creators of successful racing titles under their wing. The latter has been responsible for creating such titles as "Grid," "Dirt," "Driveclub" and "MotorStorm." The former believed that the addition will "take them to the next level" as "the largest racing-focused games company," and stated that both have very extensive backgrounds and expertise with racing games.

They went on to announce that Mick Hocking from Evolution Studios has taken the position of Vice-President for Product Development at Codemasters. This has him overseeing all of the company's studios, including the team from Evolution in Cheshire.

In the same release, Hocking said that he is looking forward to working with so many great racing developers from around the world. Also, he expressed his delight at joining Codemasters. He went on to say that it had been an exciting time for the company's growth, and that they shared a passion for racing, desired to innovate and determined to create the best racing games to build the biggest racing community in the market.

Meanwhile, Sony has released "Driveclub VR" as one of their launch titles for PlayStation VR. However, the farewell message embedded in the update suggests that no updates for PS4 Pro will happen, Eurogamer reported.

Both Sony and Codemasters have not made any official announcements about PS4 Pro updates. Sources are still waiting for further information.

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