‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ News, Reviews & Updates: Loyalty In The Andromeda Galaxy? [VIDEO]


"Mass Effect: Andromeda" has been teasing gamers since its development was announced. There have been a few cinematic shorts or trailers and some behind-the-scenes action. They also detailed what the game can do during Sony's PS4 Pro unveiling. However, gamers are most excited about the Companion Loyalty Missions.

Gamers can expect them to be similar to the loyalty missions found in "Mass Effect 2." However, these missions in the new game release will not be a necessary part of the overall plot.

Creative Director Mac Walters had said that he loved the loyalty missions. One of the things he enjoyed as a writer was the freedom to say when a character was coming along. This way the character can carry more of the narrative, making his job easier. He went on saying that it was fun. He could tell a more focused story for an individual mission, GameInformer reported.

That philosophy will be evident in the new game release. Also, the development team can use the loyalty missions to play with non-standard gameplay elements. They will have fun experimenting with these and the dialogue.

The loyalty missions will not be critical to main path of "Mass Effect: Andromeda." Instead, they will be part of the game's wide array of side content optional to players. These include various exploration activities and missions. However, the player will not be punished for omitting these. Moreover, gamers will be given the option to engage these missions after the critical path is completed gaining more knowledge of the overall story.

Character development was one of the major contributors the success of the original "Mass Effect" trilogy. "Mass Effect: Andromeda" builds on this legacy with the reintroduction of the loyalty missions. These missions play a large role making characters relatable to players. On that, BioWare seems to be taking the right approach with the new game release, Destructiod reported.

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