‘Star Wars Battlefront’ News: ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2 2017’ Release Date Confirmed; Gameplay Features Detailed! [VIDEO]


Gamers around the world are looking forward to Electronic Art's "Star Wars Battlefront 2."  They have been playing "Star Wars Battlefront," the first installment released in 2015 some are beginning to get bored. They want more new content like new maps and game modes for them to dominate, anticipating the release date of a new game.

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" has much to live up to. First, it has "Star Wars" in the title. The world knows that brings a push to users, especially to gamers who are Star Wars fanst. Second, it finds itself alongside several excellent first-person-shooters. Third, it's porn for "Star Wars" vehicles and weaponry.

The previous game had some features that failed to provide gamers with enough excitement and players want to see that rectified, Trusted Reviews reported. When the release date arrives they want to see the following:

  •  An improved single-player campaign - The first game failed to impress with this. Even though, players kept playing for challenges and leaderboard rankings, it did not mimic the sheer grandeur of the "Star Wars" saga.
  •  More toys to play with - In the SW universe, all weapons of the same class sound and look alike, albeit with slight differences to tell the bad guys and good guys apart. Gamers want the option to fully customize their gear and vehicles for every campaign.
  •  Skill Shots - A Hail Mary provides a rush like nothing else. There should be mechanics for pulling off long-range snipes and nailing targets while hurtling through the air.
  •  Space Combat - "SW Battlefront" offered this in such small scale that players felt claustrophobic. Immersive dogfights and fleet combat should take place on vast maps offering teams near-unlimited options for strategies and tactics.
  •  Free content updates - EA skimped out on this for the first game causing a sort of segregation to happen. Players could not join a certain mission or campaign unless they bought the update.

The exact release date has not been announced. However, GameRant reported it will happen during fall of 2017, close to the premier of "Star Wars: Episode VIII."

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