‘Driveclub’ News & Updates: ‘Driveclub’ Final PS4 Update Released; Lives On In ‘Driveclub VR!’ [VIDEO]


The final patch update for the PS4 racing game, "Driveclub" was released this week. This could quite possibly be the last one owners ever receive. The update includes a generous helping of 15 additional tracks set in urban locations around the world which can also be found in "Driveclub VR."

The update is sizable at 5.75 gigabytes and contains a "heartfelt" message in the changelog from the former developers, thanking owners for their support and commitment, then bids them farewell. This all came months after Sony shut down Evolution Studios, the creator of "Driveclub," "Driveclub VR" and various other titles. All of which demonstrates the level of commitment the former developers had for their work, as reported by TeamVVV.

Also, there are rumors that former Game Director Paul Rustchynsky had said that the game will not receive and update to support PS4 Pro. This comes as a disappointment, as gamers agreed, that with the update to the platform, the graphics would have been superb.

However, "Driveclub VR" was released on Oct. 13, 2017 as one of PlayStation VR's launch titles. According to Gamespot, development of the game was mostly done by Evolution Studios and that Sony's WWS Immersive Technology Group which absorbed some of Evolution's developers finished the game. On top of that, Principal Programmer Nicola Orru said that gamers can rest assured that "Driveclub VR" is in good hands.

The new game features the same tracks as the non-VR, PS4 version. It also has a new "cruise" mode where the player can simply drive around, without competing against anything and worrying about achievements.

The PlayStation Store indicates that Driveclub VR requires a PlayStation VR and a PlayStation Camera to be played. There is also an extensive DLC collection available as well as new VR modes and features with over 80 cars and 100 tracks.

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