‘Heroes Of The Storm’ News & Updates: Devs Ask Fans For Hero Designs; Holiday Skins Revealed! [VIDEO]


"Heroes of the Storm" developers reached out to the passionate fans for inspiration regarding new character designs and alternative skins to download. Also, as the holidays draw near, the devs are giving players the ability to spread holiday cheer as they smash their opponents into oblivion.

Blizzard continually adds playable heroes at a rapid pace due to incessant requests from fans. As such, hero designs and alternate skins for download are in high demand.

Hero Designer Nathan LaMusaga said that he loves reading hero pitches. He went on asking the community to send him pitches for the Deckard Cain design.

LaMusaga described Blizzard's sentiment on Cain as a potential addition. He stated that, for a long time the team has struggled to figure out a design for the character, Polygon reported.

"Heroes of the Storm" offers fans a lot of variety regarding hero choices. Each of them appears complex in their own ways having sections of wiki devoted to them.

Now, with the holidays around the corner, the theme has made its way into the game. Fans were given a glimpse of certain alterative holiday themed skins for the characters. These include Lunara, Muradin and Nazeebo, which will be available for download soon.

Winter Veil Lunara looks like she raided Santa's wardrobe and uses a Christmas tree as a her weapon. Gingerbread Nazeebo wears a gingerbread-man mask and holds a snowman head. Moreover, their abilities also received holiday treatment. For example, Nazeebo's Zombie Wall surrounds the enemy with creepy little gingerbread men, Gamespot reported.

There hasn't been an announcement when the content will be released. However, the patch notes will give players an idea of what is to come. Also notes on nerfs and balancing should be available in the game's wiki.

For the moment fans should browse around the game's website and wiki in preparation for the coming battles. Having knowledge might give players that edge when the content should arrive.

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