Record Breaking: Fee-Free University Founded, All Thanks To Sir James Dyson! [VIDEO]


It is first time in UK's 20-year history that a private university with fee-free consequence gets to be launched at $18 million dollar bidding. Sharing the same spark with the founder, billionaire Sir James Dyson, UK academics believe that the academic investments on the university will double the engineering workforce by the year 2020.

Beyond the mere action of aligning UK economy via engineering workforce, the university's main vision is to expand the academic horizon, letting it spread across communities of learners and attracting them to fire up their skills, particularly engineering, in the process.

Ten years ago, the economic rate in the workforce of engineers has partially tipped the scale. Although that is a fact worth noting, there is still the inevitable need to double the number of engineers produced 10 years ago.

As experts would say it, a had been gap made visible by the 20-year pause period in UK academics. This gap further deepened the demand and supply for engineering workforce in the country, Mail Online reported.

Now, even with the Brexit consequences still looming at the corner, Dyson aren't at all that down-right threatened. This fee-free education, as some would say, has yet to be considered the best respond to Brexit crisis ever, Business Insider reported.

With the technically-advanced nations in mind- Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., it would be easier to draw the plot and begin the race. Firstly, we will have to set things straight first in our minds- be better than them, Sir James Dyson said in the Guardian.

Accordingly, the university has been titled the "Dyson Institute of Technology" and was officiated to accept its first 25 students in September next year. Fortunately, as per content of the program, the students are to enroll for free and be given a salary as intern.

The peak of the investment will see future Dyson engineers hitting scores in the workforce, gearing up a vibrant and sophisticated academic atmosphere in the university's campus in Wiltshire and, most of all, inviting a multitude of budding engineers to enroll.

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