Global Smartphone, ‘Honor' Teams Up With Marvel: A Double Promotion Of Its Technology And Movie 'Doctor Strange'? [VIDEO]


The Global Smartphone brand called "Honor" announced today that it is teaming up with Marvel over promoting both its tech product and the movie "Doctor Strange" coming up this month. The partnership not only features the high-tech presence of the "Global Smartphone" package in the movie, it also teases audiences of the movie's virtual experience in and out the phone.

The Honor, a smartphone brand from China has been noted through the years to be a leading marketing name that uniquely pursues extended partnerships with other companies through creative-based efforts. Experts say that it certainly has the most fitting call for connecting with music, film, sports, gaming industries all over the world. Subsequently, its phone features are designed to naturally fit with entertainment gigs, News Wire reported.

"We really want to bring our brand to life in ways that appeal to millennials. We are excited to partner with a global brand such as Marvel, which will inspire viewers the world over, in much the same way that Honor aims to empower and inspire its customers", Steven Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of Honor said in News Wire.

Marvel's "Doctor Strange" will be projecting himself in UK cinemas on the 25th of November, this month. Now, taking marketing to a whole new level, the smartphone agents indicated in their site that any customer that buys the main "Honor" smartphone model beginning November 3 can claim 2 cinema tickets to see the film, Mobile News reported.

On the far side of headline, rumors were surfacing that the "Honor" designers are on board over redesigning the mobile technology in order for it to feature an immersive virtual experience of the film. Why not? After all, it has an 8 megapixel camera fronting, a 5.2 inch full HD screen standing by.

Adapted from comics of the same title, written in a period quoted as Silver Age of comics, the Dr. Strange  focuses on a former neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange's (Benedict Cumberbatch) transition to power towards becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. Now, the unusual superhero's greatest challenge is to protect the world from threats so magical and mystical that he will be the requiring the wise guidance of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton).

The film's initial release in US was scheduled on October 13.

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