Introducing: The Google Pixel, Best Android iPhone Unit, Says A Lot Of Satisfied Users; Release Date And Features Included! [WATCH VIDEO]


A direct rip-off from the iPhone 7, the Google Pixel perfects the dimensions of the Android iPhone units, cheering long-satisfied users with possible discounts. As much as it looks like a clone, it is undeniably a solid and independent unit in the smartphone category with legit 5.5-inch Pixel XL upgrade.

Fans were even overjoyed by the increased uniqueness in the device, a joint excellence between Apple and Google. Nevertheless, the latest unit assures iPhone buyers of Google's full control over its hardware and software items, the Wall Street Journal reported.

In order for fans to be sure, the Google marketing team published a product teaser note, saying that the all-new Pixel mash-up is basically an Android iPhone niche. Apparently, Google has had held a good share of the Android iPhone plethora of devices after consequently ending the war against Android.

The prices for the two versions of Pixel- 5-inch and 5.5 inches range from $650-770.00. Eventually, the price bracket even earned early reviews from expert consumers so that its market capacity was endorsed strongly by large-scale investors.

The all-new Google Pixel was designed to replace the once-majestic Nexus 6P. Apparently, it held the sufficient potentials for becoming Google's fast-selling item, not to mention that it had been made entirely by the same company.

By all means, it has long been forecasted by critics to stand out on its own. Its release was only announced last October 4, but its surge of shipping orders hasn't stopped since, Gotta Be Mobile stated.

The shipping order was accommodated accommodated right on the same date the unit was announced. Early pre-orders were set to be delivered by the 20th to the 24th this month.

"Having wrangled a Nexus 6P in recent weeks, the Pixel XL is so, so much easier to juggle around without using a second hand. In the case of the smaller Pixel, you're getting top-notch specs in a pleasing, compact design that's considerably less slippery than an iPhone 7. That's rare thing in the Android world", Android Central reported.

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