Toei Animation’s Infographics Explains ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Timelines [VIDEO]


"Dragon Ball Super" happened in different timelines, thus, it is challenging to keep track of the occurrences of the events in the story. With the help of Toei Animation, it is now possible to easily understand the events that occurred in different timelines, as the company utilized infographics to help viewers understand it best.

For the Future Trunks, he is tasked to win over Babidi and Dabura with the help of Supreme Kai. During this time, Goku and his other companions are already dead. Goku Black made the Future Zamasu immortal, thus, killing all Gods to undertake their plans to rid Earth of mortals. Trunks went back in time to seek help, eventually Future Trunks, Vegeta, and Goku can be seen fighting Future Zamasu and Goku Black.

In the Present time, Goku fights with Buu and Berus then he killed the reborned Frieza. There was a tournament for the Universe 6 vs Universe 7, then Future Trunks came in to ask for help in his fight with Goku Black. They went went Future Trunks into the Universe 10, while Beerus has observed that Goku Black has Ki that is like that of Zamasu, Attack of the Fan Boy reported.

Zamasu's encounter with Goku caused him to hate mortals. Right before Zamasu finishes Gowasu, Beerus was able to prevent the time loop from shifting. Zamasu was eventually killed, thus, the present timeline was saved. Goku, Bulma, and Vegeta came with Future Trunks in his timeline to give him a hand.

In Goku Black's Timeline, there is a likelihood of the present timeline and this timeline, but Zamasu was able to kill Gowasu. This is the reason why he became Goku Black, since he was able to obtain the Super Dragon Ball. He utilized this timeline to go into Future Trunks' timeline, according to Saiyan Island.

The infographics was able to clarify the questions that were brought about by the confusing shifts of the "Dragon Ball Super" timelines.


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